Audio Repeater Pro
Professional audio streaming tool made for broadcasters and gamers
What Is Audio Repeater Pro

Audio Repeater Pro is a multi-channel and low latency audio streaming solution for windows. It allows you to stream audio between two devices in real-time. It can also add effects to the audio while streaming. The most important feature of the Audio Repeater Pro is that you don't have to use virtual cable software. You can capture audio from any sound rendering device and it does not require the device to be a virtual audio device. Audio Repeater Pro works on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 Windows 10 and Windows 11. [ Version History ]

Download Audio Repeater Pro v1.6.2 ( Contains both 64bit and 32bit versions )
Feature Highlights

  • Low latency audio streaming
  • Multi-channel streaming
  • Can capture from rendering devices
  • Supports VST/Audio Effect plugins
  • Auto detects the clock drift of the device
  • Can be used as a real-time effect processor
  • Efficient and low CPU usage
  • Can run in the background
  • Utilises the raw power of native C++
  • Made for broadcasters & gamers...
Plug-Ins and Development

» Auto Streamer
This general plugin automatically start the streaming whenever the selected input/output devices are unplugged and plugged. This plugin becomes handy when you want to use USB or Bluetooth audio devices.
» Stream Time
A general plugin which shows streaming time as a desktop widget. You can customize the appearance of the widget according to your preferences.
» Web Interface
This general plugin allows you to control the application from a remote device. It runs an embedded web server on your PC. So, you can use the web browser on your remote device to control the Audio Repeater.
» Icecast Streamer
General plugin which can live stream captured audio into the Icecast radio server. By using this plugin you can start your own radio station. (This plugin uses code of FFmpeg licensed under LGPLv2.1 and its source can be downloaded from here.)
» VST3 Host
This effect plugin enables VST3 support for Audio Repeater. Add this plugin into the FX Chain and then browse the VST3 plugin by pressing Browse button in the plugin window. The selected VST3 plugin will be host by this plugin and its state will be loaded & saved just like regular plugins.
» WinAmp DSP Host
Let's not forget that era... Most of the classic DSP plugins are still available in archived sites. Add this effect plugin into the FX Chain and you will be able to use WinAmp DSP plugins with the Audio Repeater.
» Plug-In Development
Use this COM based SDK to develop Audio Effects and General plugins for the Audio Repeater Pro. The current version of the SDK supports C, C++ and Delphi programming languages.
» Auto
This tool allows you to automate the installation and configuration of the Audio Repeater. It becomes useful when you want to install & configure Audio Repeater on multiple computers.
Purchasing & Registration

The demo version has periodic silence. You can remove this periodic silence by purchasing a license.

License costs $29 for a single PC. To purchase license for multiple computers, please use Qty field of the payment form. After you made the purchase, you will receive the serial number to your e-mail address within the next 24 hours. The serial number unlocks the trial version and allows you to use the program without any limitations.

The registered users will receive lifetime free updates. We believe you should have the functionality you paid for, bug fixed and updated, for as long as we develop Audio Repeater Pro.

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Support Information

We believe in software that works for you, the way you want to work. And our tool was designed to use less system resources to make you more productive.

If something fails to work, please note the behavior that occurs, and then contact our Technical Support. The more details you can give concerning the problem you have encountered, the faster we will be able to solve it. Technical support is available via e-mail at no charge for all users. If you have a suggestion on how we can improve our product to make it more powerful or easier for you to use, we will be very happy to hear from you! 😊