Audio Repeater Pro
Professional audio streaming tool made for broadcasters and gamers
Version History

What's new in Audio Repeater Pro v1.6

  • added general plugin support
  • added toast notifications
  • added test signal generator
  • added input/output device label links
  • added clock skew check box warning
  • fixed multiple monitor centering issue
  • fixed off screen issue when last monitor absent
  • fixed combobox resize issue
  • fixed capture block size issue for 44100 samplerate
  • compiled using Visual C++ 2022.

What's new in Audio Repeater Pro v1.5

  • fixed audio out of sync issue.
  • fixed plugin name update issue.
  • fixed ARepeaterSvc auto streaming bug.
  • added sample rate mismatch warning icon
  • added input/output device label tooltips
  • input/output device label linked to advanced tab
  • installer auto generates desktop shortcut according to os bitness
  • rate adjust auto resets on buffer discontinuation.
  • single wizard based program to reset settings & remove license data.
  • Ctrl+Shift+R global shortcut to restart streaming.
  • auto resets audio buffer queue on overflow.
  • adjustable hardware buffer size
  • help menu is working again :-)

What's new in Audio Repeater Pro v1.4

  • workarounds for false positive reportings of stupid AVs. (Bitdefender)
  • setup uses windows installer technology.
  • uninstaller preserve settings & license data.
  • installer does not create desktop shortcut.
  • removed sdk from the setup.
  • disabled crash dump saving.
  • disabled update notifier.
  • fixed c and delphi headers in sdk.
  • upgraded the sdk api version.

What's new in Audio Repeater Pro v1.3

  • fixed a bug in reset settings executable.
  • added new functions into the sdk.
  • offline installer.
  • updated few functions to stop false positive reporting.

What's new in Audio Repeater Pro v1.2

  • advanced multi-threaded audio engine.
  • automatically corrects the clock drift of the audio device.
  • added system menu (shift+right click on taskbar button).
  • fixed minimize/restore animations.
  • new version notification.
  • removed WASAPI exclusive mode support.
  • input/output device labels are pointed to properties dialog.
  • cool looking list items for fx chain.
  • added credit page.
  • added supported OS list into the manifest.
  • compiled using Visual C++ 2019.

What's new in Audio Repeater Pro v1.1

  • optimized the audio engine.
  • security update.
  • detects 64bit plugin loading on 32bit application.
  • installer requires internet connection to download runtime files.
  • installer can only overwrite the same version.